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Welcome to your new website!
Greetings and Welcome to the Website. For those that are our guest, thank you for visiting our home away from home. We are a gaming community spread out among multiple online games providing a place for players to compete and discuss their favorite games and experiences.

For those of you who wish to join our community, please fill out an application for membership. Please take our application seriously as you fill it out; failure to do so will just cause your application to be ignored/closed.

Be sure to visit our forums and say hello. Discuss some of your favorite games, experiences, and strategies. Maybe even show us who the person behind the computer screen is.

I want to welcome you to The Gamers Zone Gaming Community.
cyberpower give away!!!!!
17th Feb 2014 · [TGZ:Owner] Karasshadow · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Hello guys!!! To celebrate Zeus Mini,CyberPower inc.  giving away one fully-equipped system, ready to take all the most demanding games and stress you can throw at it! Powered by some of the best hardware from  Corsair  and  MSI Computer U.S.  and expertly built by there in-house team, this Zeus Mini is ready to take on anything and everything!

All You need to do is click the link bellow guys hurry the offer is almost over!!!


TitanFall testing beta going on now
16th Feb 2014 · [TGZ:Owner] Karasshadow · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Hello guys currently i am testing titanfall beta and will be streaming like on my twitch site which can be found on our forums twitch channels or on my twitch page here. i hope you guys come by and check this out 

Titan Fall Beta Applications going on!!!!
13th Feb 2014 · [TGZ:Owner] Karasshadow · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Hello Guys! i have amazing news about the Game "Titan Fall" is accepting applicants to participate in there Beta release, don't stay behind and not be a part of this awesome opportunity!! The link will be posted right below HURRY!

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