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Admin's future plans for the server ??
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6th Mar 2014

I was wondering what Admin's plans are with regards to adding new stuff to the Overwatch server ?
I bumped into (literally, sorry for trying to run you over) one of the Admins yesterday, he implied that the server was a work in progress.

I would like to suggest adding some of the guns from the Robert Hammer AK pack ( - obviously not any of the ones that we are sick to death of in Dayz (AK74 variants, AKM etc), but some of the more unusual weapons like the excellent silenced sniper rifle the AKS Val Sniper and it's Kobra equivalents. The OC14/Groza-1 - generally any guns that are new to Dayz.

Also, some guns from the Robert Hammer MK18 pack (SCAR modular rifles), the Hammer M14 pack, the Hammer Heavy Weapons Pack (Scoped Mk48's etc), and maybe even some guns from the Swiss Army pack (if you've played Unleashed on Napf, you'll recognize the guns).

Admin also said their were plans to add custom military bases to the map, but he had trouble accessing the database (or something along those lines).

Evolution Dayz#( 1 has a cool map - maybe you could rip that off (i'm sure they ripped it off from Hell's Playground ( - the Overwatch server featured in Frankie's Overwatch video). They have some really cool bases with lots of extra barracks and unusual guns.

Removing parts from vehicles doesn't work, it says there's is not enough space in your inventory. This is a problem with this script on alot of server. I Googled for the answer, and apparently you need to.........

add is is ,"_part" to private["_isStash..... at line 7 in fn_selfacttion.sqf 

This comes from Opendayz ... mplified.9227/page-7

Finally, I would like to request roaming AI as well as AI Missions. Definitely NOT dynamically spawning ones (if you played Unleashed you'll know what a constant pain in the arse they are, as they never leave you alone and respawn immediately). And once the AI are killed they'd have a decent period before they respawn to allow you to loot / escape. Maybe some of them hunt in squads, and some of them lone wolf ? Maybe they could carry non-standard weapons ?
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10th Mar 2014

At the moment its just me and another admin that are doing all the work for now, im sorry if i haven't responded or been on since i have a job to attend to as well but i will get this going ASAP. next time pleas PM with regards of problems or bugs in our support sectiion or my email.thank you

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