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Forum rules: Please read before posting
Rules and Guidelines for the General Discussion Forum

This forum is a discussion forum in which you should be able to discuss topics in a safe and pleasant environment. These rules and guidelines are designed to enhance your user experience.

This is NOT a support forum. Please use the proper forum sections instead.

General Rules for this forum:

  • No spam / advertising
  • No flaming
  • No offensive content
  • No illegal content
  • No cross-posting
  • Please do not post whilst drunk or otherwise intoxicated
  • Any behaviour deemed disruptive, offensive or off-topic will be moderated at the moderator's discretion.

Guidelines and Forum Etiquette

Threads such as the following are not allowed:

  • Threads consisting of little more than banter and retorts between users.
  • Threads talking about a single band. These should be made in the group forum for that band, or a group for that band's genre. If you want to promote your clan/group, please use the following groups:...... or ..........
  • Game threads. These can be found at .........
  • Any other threads which are deemed irrelevant.

  • Search the forum for a thread on the topic you want to discuss before posting your new thread. Duplicate threads may be locked without warning.
  • Don't dig up old threads, they have died for a reason!
Forum » Forums » General Discussion Locked
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